Thursday, January 29, 2009

happy half birthday

i can' believe it has already been 6 months since ollie was born. i took him to the dr and he weighed in at 20 pounds and just over 28 inches!!! so we have 2 pounds and 2 inches to go before he grows out of his car seat- i hope he stalls a little longer.
i though it's be fun to see his growth over the past 1/2 year, enjoy.

just a few days old:

1 month old:

2 months old:

3 months old:
4 months old:
5 months old:

6 months old:

Friday, January 23, 2009

only a matter of time...

the crawling progress is quick...
the first video was taken last saturday.
then the second is from tonight.

i think it resembles the dance move, "the worm," more than crawling...
i guess i better start baby-proofing.

in case you aren't tired of seeing ollie- one more video... a side angle. he was getting pretty mad that i kept making him crawl, by moving the toys further away.

i couldn't resist

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

crawling update

ollie here...thought i would update you on my crawling process and i want you all to know i think i have almost figured it out. i have mastered going in a circle, though i seem to only be able to go counter-clockwise. most recently, i thought i got the whole crawling thing down, but somehow i can only manage to go backwards. i get pretty mad at myself because i get so bored just being in one spot- it's a big world out there and i gotta get moving...i am determined to be there soon.
get ready mom, you think you have your hands full with me now! just wait till i get moving!