Friday, November 9, 2012

jersey girl

she may be sweet, silly and easy going, but if i believed in reincarnation, i would swear she was an italian jersey girl in her past life...
some characteristics i have observed in the little lady:

1) she makes nearly any shirt or dress into a one-shoulder look
2) she loves accessories- necklaces, bracelets, sunglasses...
3) she loves shoes even more
4) her hair is wild and curly- prime for a good tease and hairspray
5) she swears a lot (simply because she can't pronounce the R in shirt)
6) she tends to be a hair puller
7) she is obsessed with food-she always tries everyone elses food, she shoves food into your mouth, often yelling "eat!" at you and she can demolish a bowl of past in about 5 seconds flat
8) she has an accent- bawl is ball, buwd is bird, waddie is water, shiz is shoes, i could go one most of what she says is not recognizable
9) when she wants your attention she yells your name, loudly. and won't stop till you acknowledge her. she does not like to be ignored
10) she has been known to throw over a chair or two
11) she has a wicked little laugh
12) she is scrappy and can get out of anything with houdini like skills
13) she can run around and climb on things with (my) heels on
14) she likes to sing and dance and have a good time

now, i don't watch Real Housewives of New Jersey, or Jersey Shore (on a regular basis) but i think these qualities could get her cast on either show...

she may, or may not, be flipping me off in this photo...

Thursday, November 8, 2012

happy {belated} halloween

we love costumes and candy...hope you enjoyed your halloween

pebbles flintstone and toothless (ollie's favorite dragon from How to Train Your Dragon)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Four! Or should I say FORE!

Ollie is 4 years old. At his request we did not have a party... But we still had fun. 

am i this many?!...not quite

there we go

He chose to go golfing with his daddy on his special day....FORE!!!!

 He also had pancakes for breakfast and dinner, plus chocolate cake for dessert;)

happy birthday ollie boy!!!
(my camera & computer are fickle=only iphone photos were taken=fuzzy photos)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

lazy hazy daze

quick update... nothing much to speak of; we are just doing a lot of this...

happy summer;)

Friday, May 18, 2012

little lady style

some style tips from the world's youngest fashion blogger- Leighton

a bucket makes for a perfect accessory/purse to a romper on a warm summer day

a little leopard is always chic

Coco Chanel said, to always take one thing off before leaving the house, but I say more is more

I'm a big fan of the one shoulder

big fan

my take on menswear...your brother's boots add a fun twist to a pretty dress

stay tuned...i am sure she will continue to voice her fashion opinion and evolve her style;) and yes, all these fashions were done and styled by the little lady herself.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

the shoe thief strikes again..and again...and again...

leighotn has loved shoes since she was born. as soon as she could crawl she would grab a shoe and chew on it. as soon as she could walk she began stealing them...

"what are you looking at?"

she had a little trouble with these

she has been getting ambitious with her selection. i think she wanted the height to reach the door knob, so she could go out.

PS. i also think it's amazing she almost always gets them on the right feet...also interesting ollie almost always puts them on the wrong feet.

Monday, February 27, 2012


i love the academy awards! always have! and always dreamed of going. i have requested red carpet passes a few times and have never been chosen. this year, i heard LIVE With Kelly was doing an after oscar show, so i requested tickets. miraculously, i got them! so at about 1:45am the morning after (or the night of) the oscars, my sister-in-law rachel, and i arrived to accept our oscars...well, more like we waited around 4 hours to see the 1 hour talk show. but we got to be in the same theater hours after the awards and to me, it was awesome!!!

we even got pretty good seats! the theater looks a LOT bigger on tv.

the hosts- kelly ripa & doogie howser- i mean barney- i mean neil patrick harris:)

the aftermath

my girl audrey.

on a side note. the fashion is always my favorite. i LOVE the fancy dresses, hair, make-up, diamonds. love, love, love. i designed and sewed award show dresses for my barbies when i was young, for crying out loud. i am a little obsessed...

this year, i loved these bright red, coral colors.

 a few weeks ago i pinned this dress and thought it would make a great awards show dress...i think i would have fit in nicely;)

think pink

leighton spotted her tutu in the closet. she pointed to it and squealed..s.o we put it on her. she seemed to enjoy it;)

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