Monday, February 22, 2010

more rainy days...

these photos are more from some fantastic downpours we have seen this year. we don't get much weather here in san diego, so it is exciting when it rains.

out our front door.

our "backyard"

it could almost be snow...

i have loved all the rain we have had and ollie has learned to love the puddles it leaves behind.

san diego zoo

last week my mom, ollie & i went to the zoo. ollie loved just being outside, able to run around and look at all the animals. he is learning names of animals, so it was fun to show him the real ones:)

at first, ollie wasn't too sure about these gorilla statues. we asked him where the gorilla's nose was, since ollie likes to name body parts, he continued on to point to say "nose, lips, arms, toes..."
and then with great pride and what seemed to be much louder he said "BUTT" as he pointed to the statue's rear end. it was a great moment:)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

by popular demand

and now for a quick update:

age: 1.5
weight: 25-26 pounds
height: 34-ish inches
(approx. measurements due to a squirmy boy at the dr's office)
favorite things: hide-n-seek, planes, trains and automobiles, not to mention "cycles" aka motocycles, books, drawing, being outside, water, sticks, rocks, throwing and kicking any object, running in circles, climbing on furniture and creating mischief...
most unfavorite thing: sleeping
words: too many to count...and repeats a lot of what we say.
one word to describe oliver: enthusiastic!

and for those of you who wanted more photos of ollie...enjoy:)

gotta love this kid...and his shaggy hair:)