Monday, February 27, 2012


i love the academy awards! always have! and always dreamed of going. i have requested red carpet passes a few times and have never been chosen. this year, i heard LIVE With Kelly was doing an after oscar show, so i requested tickets. miraculously, i got them! so at about 1:45am the morning after (or the night of) the oscars, my sister-in-law rachel, and i arrived to accept our oscars...well, more like we waited around 4 hours to see the 1 hour talk show. but we got to be in the same theater hours after the awards and to me, it was awesome!!!

we even got pretty good seats! the theater looks a LOT bigger on tv.

the hosts- kelly ripa & doogie howser- i mean barney- i mean neil patrick harris:)

the aftermath

my girl audrey.

on a side note. the fashion is always my favorite. i LOVE the fancy dresses, hair, make-up, diamonds. love, love, love. i designed and sewed award show dresses for my barbies when i was young, for crying out loud. i am a little obsessed...

this year, i loved these bright red, coral colors.

 a few weeks ago i pinned this dress and thought it would make a great awards show dress...i think i would have fit in nicely;)

think pink

leighton spotted her tutu in the closet. she pointed to it and squealed..s.o we put it on her. she seemed to enjoy it;)

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy hearts day

making hearts for his classmates

hope your day is filled with love

Saturday, February 4, 2012

all the world's a stage...

this little diva loves to make a stage out of anything and is so happy to be center stage...

...until her brother tries to steal the spotlight.