Monday, August 25, 2008

new ollie photos

here is jonathan reading a veggie tales story to oliver

this is jonathan studying, watching sports and holding ollie...a typical sunday:)

check out that strong boy! he is working hard to hold his head up...and he already likes to scoot and push off his feet when on his tummy:)

what a difference a year makes...

well one year ago, jonathan and i were headed to new zealand to kick off our 'round the world adventure. that's us on our first day in auckland, nz. we had such a great time traveling to 10 different countries over 10 weeks. we loved seeing different parts of the world and different cultures and we loved being able to spend so much quality time together and experience new and exciting things together- from camping all over new zealand, to snorkeling the great barrier reef, to river rafting, to climbing ancient temples in cambodia, relaxing on the beaches of thailand and santorini, greece, to meeting up with family in europe and experiencing the declining dollar against the euro:) and so much more...gross and loud hostels, all nighters in parking lots of ferry landings, crazy people on overnight trains...and of course all the good food:)
now one year later, we are back home and have a 4 week old baby! crazy!
we have had a lot of fun over the last year and have grown together and grown closer. i am thankful for a husband who will humor me and take off on a 10 week trip and for the great father he his! he works hard for us and i am grateful!

Monday, August 18, 2008

first trip to the beach

it has been 3 weeks since ollie was born and we have been busy! we are blessed to have family close by and have been able to spend a lot of time with them- which gives me a nice break from always holding ollie and changing diapers:)
this last weekend we introduced oliver to his great-nana and great- papo and he got to hang out with his cousins- samantha, trey and logan again.

sunday he met miley who was born just one week ago- the last time they met they were still in their mommy's bellies (see july 15 post)

we also took him to the beach for the first time. it was a beautiful day and i look forward to many more days on the beach together.

we are home now and ollie probably thinks it's boring with just me around, but i am enjoying having him back all to myself and being able to nap together:)

i still stare at him and find it hard to believe he's here and i am in awe of the beautiful miracle god has blessed us with- poopy diapers and all:)

Monday, August 4, 2008

my first week!

i am filling in for mommy and writing my own blog. she has done such a good job taking care of me, i thought i'd give her a break:)
today, i am one week old! and what a week it has been! we stayed a couple days in the hospital to take advantage of the extra help and i was a little stubborn and would not pee- so i made my parents wait around for that big event:) i experienced my first earthquake, the day after i was born and made my parents proud- i slept through it like a true native californian! we had a lot of visitors come see me in the hospital, which was nice. it made me feel so important!
it was good to finally get home and see where i am going to be living for a while. it is small, but big enough for the 3 of us. my crib is all set up by mommy and daddy's bed- it is comforting to know mommy is close by when i am sleeping so when i wake up hungry, my meal is right there:)

daddy went back to work thursday- i miss him when he is gone, because we have fun together- but mommy is fun to hang out with too.
the weekend was fun. i was glad to have daddy around- we slept in and watched a lot of sports on tv- mommy says daddy does that a lot.

i also got to see both sets of grand parents this weekend and meet my uncle devin! and i went out for my first walk with mommy and daddy saturday, then went out again on sunday. we walked around seaport village and the harbor- i like san diego, it seems like a nice place to live.

we received a few care packages in the mail from mommy and daddy's friends- it was fun to open presents and i got a lot of cool stuff- clothes, toys, etc! we feel so blessed and spoiled!

today, i had my first visit to my pediatrician. i did well for mommy, trying to get ready to take me...but i started to get a little hungry right before we had to leave:) we met daddy there and i had to show off my improved bladder skills to the doctor and peed all over daddy's nice work pants:) the doctor said i look good and my weight is almost up to my birth weight- mommy does a good job feeding me! speaking of food...i think it's time for a snack!