Monday, May 19, 2008

2 months to go...

well just about 2 months until the arrival of our little dude, or dudette. i am doing well; feeling great, healthy and strong. i am going to the drs every 2 weeks now. they are short visits, i sometimes feel like i should have more concerns or questions, but i am counting my blessings. knock on wood- hopefully that will continue and the birth will go smoothly.
my only complaint comes with the weather- i dread heat waves. i seem to always be warm, and when it's 90-something degrees outside- i am melting and miserable. (mental note- next pregnancy plan majority of it to fall in winter) these are the latest pictures of me and my belly. cooking is getting a little more difficult, having to get used to standing farther out from the stove/counter/sink...if only i was a few inches taller.

not much else to write about- i am just enjoying my free time while i can. we had a great weekend. i spent friday night with my parents for my mom's birthday. i stayed with them overnight, because jonathan was getting up at 2:30am to go wait at torrey pines to play a round of golf before they close it to the public for the us open...i would call him crazy, but i seem to recall spending the night in the sports arena parking lot waiting to get tickets to nsync...hey i am not ashamed to admit it and second row seats are totally awesome. i am so ready for the new kids concert- no west coast dates yet though, anyone up a road trip? :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

jam packed weekend

we had a great weekend full of time with family, good food, and even some education!
over the past 2 saturdays we have had a childbirth prep class at the hospital. it was a fun thing to do together- a nice refresher for me and an eye-opening experience for jonathan. i feel fortunate that i had a whole semester in nursing school dedicated to the subject and spent a year and a half working with pregnant women and new moms as a public health nurse, so i feel fairly prepared. knowledge is power right? of course the minute that baby comes i know i will suddenly get a bad case of amnesia and forget it all and find myself wondering, "what do i do with this little alien?" :)
it was strange to be back in the hospital where i spent a semester doing my clinical rotation- it looked the same, smelled the same, felt the least i didn't have to wear scubs!

my sister was also visiting for the weekend for mother's day. yay! we went up to fallbrook to hang out with the family. i got to enjoy a chocolate lava cake at the chart house, jonathan got to go golfing with his dad. it was like a little mini-vacation.

now back to reality- jonathan is back working hard. my job teaching art in the after school program ended so i have ample time to get ready for baby...not sure what to do with myself.
i am taking a photography class, which is really fun. my photo last night was voted best! which was fun, because i didn't think it was all that great. we were supposed to display motion, mine is of the carousel in seaport village...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

baby's first photos

hello to all...
we are so excited for the quickly approaching due date of our first little savona! we thought we would jump on the blogger bandwagon and share our experiences, photos, and other fun stuff with our friends and family...
here are a few glimpses of our little one...we have had 3 ultrasounds. at our last one baby was very active and the photos were not as clear, but we did see his, or her, mouth moving a lot and hair on the head! maybe it will be red!