Sunday, September 21, 2008

ollie's first art project

this weekend my sister, vanessa, came down for a visit and we went up to my parents house in fallbrook. my mom had given me a kit to make plaster impressions of oliver's feet and hands. i decided to try and do the feet and save the hands for later, as oliver usually has his hands in a tight fist.

it was quite and adventure and oliver was good to humor us:) he got a bit upset because we had to wait a while for the plaster to set up- it was way too soft at first...

and we had to
make multiple attempts, as you can see our first try didn't go so well:)

it was a great weekend:) and oliver loved hanging out with his auntie v:)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

ollie's outake

oops... here is an outtake while filming ollie. 
he... how do i put this politely? filled his diaper- listen close about 5 - 10 seconds in:) it is pretty funny- you can see his stop and think about it and smile after...such a boy!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

another first...

 saturday, azusa was playing usd and we took ollie to his first football game, so he could hang out with his cousins. that is rachel (jonathan's sister) and logan in the picture with j and ollie. the game was a blow out, azusa (where jonathan's siblings went to college) lost big time- oh well, we still had a great time:) 

we have also been getting lots of presents in the mail- thank you everyone who has sent us something! recently we got a mobile for above the crib- thank you candy! ollie loves it. here is a a minute video of him watching and smiling at it:) sorry it is a little dark- we don't get a lot of light in out apartment.