Thursday, June 25, 2009

texas-style father's day

over the fathers day weekend we took ollie to texas to hang out with jonathan's side of the family on the lake. i am still sorting through pictures and i will post more later, but i thought i would share my favorite in honor of father's day.
it is of jonathan and ollie (who fell asleep) on the boat.

happy father's day, jonathan! i love you!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

batter up!

we took ollie to his first baseball game to see the angels v. padres in aneheim. i wondered how he would be and if he would get cranky or bored, but he loved watching the crowd, playing with his cousins, and was fascinated by the fireworks celebrating every home run. and it was a pretty fun game, full of home runs and it was a quick game too, which was good, because i get bored of baseball:)
angels won! yay! i know, i're thinking, "you live in san diego, and you're glad the angels won?!" but i did grow up in orange county, so i will always like the aneheim angels, and i refuse to call them the LA angels of aneheim, because last i checked aneheim was still in the oc...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

another soccer ball video

here is more of ollie and his favorite toy. he's so funny.

soccer stud

ollie's latest favorite toy is our little mini soccer ball. he loves to throw it, kick it, or just watch us play with it. all he wants to do all day long is hold my hand, so he can "walk" and kick the ball around.
the first video is attempt no. 1 to catch his hysterical laughter. he is upset because we paused to get the camera, then jonathan knocked over the camera and the laughter continues.
video number 2 shows more of his delight.

the basketball isn't quite as exciting. and in case you couldn't tell, once ollie notices the camera, it's all over:)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

happy birthday papa paul

a couple weeks ago, jonathan's brother, adam, was in town for a weekend of golfing; so we had a little belated birthday celebration for their dad. it's always fun to be with family and ollie loves to be around his cousins.

for the love of ollie

some cute photos of ollie...

one of his favorite spots is in the window.
he sits (or stands) and watches cars and people go by.

cute little feet.

little monkey loves to climb all over the sofa. i love his post-nap crazy hair.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


signs ollie has been in the room:

you find all the pillows pushed off the sofa into a pile...

perfect for jumping on

all your magazines are ripped up

everything has been taken out of the drawers

the toilet paper has been unrolled