Sunday, July 17, 2011

fun at the zoo

ollie, leighton & i went to the zoo with 2 cousins- logan & tessa, and nana & papa. it was a fun and exhausting day;)

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

6 months

you've come a long way baby!

you are quite the little traveler- two trips to san francisco (1 by air, 1 by car), a road trip to san luis obispo, a visit to boston and an upcoming trip to houston.
you are also quite the little traveler in terms of moving on your own!
you rolled over early. 2 or 3 months i think. you can sit all by yourself- since about 4 months.
you can not only crawl, but you can climb and will plow over any obstacle in your path.
you love to go over to the fireplace and pull yourself up to stand and try to "walk" along side it. you have even bumped you head a few times on the brick, but still go right for it, determined to stand up and walk. after 2 weeks of crawling, are you ready to move on to walking?! calm down girlie! you are only 6 months old!
you have begun to eat solid food- loving avocado, carrots and banana. rice cereal? not so much, but i don't blame you on that one.
you LOVE your big brother, even though he sits on your head. and he loves you...even though he sits on your head;)

you are so fun and we love you lots and lots!!!

happy half birthday little leighty!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

make it work

in honor of project runway (which starts july 28th on lifetime- anyone else excited?!) ollie & i had our own little challenge. we went shopping in my scraps of fabric and had to come up with a design and make it before leighton woke up from her nap- so we had about 2 hours. ollie helped me pick out the fabric and which way the stripes went. he also likes to push the pedal of my sewing machine. here is our result. i think we made it work.

ollie & seersucker

i have been making onesies, baby shoes, skirts and dresses. ollie, luckily likes to help and he asked me to make something for him. so here ya go, this post is just for him!

i love seersucker and summer is perfect for it. i was inspired by dana of MADE. she always has such great ideas and tutorials. you can find her pants tutorial here. they really are super easy. ollie loves the pockets.

leighton had to sneak in, too:)

quick, say "cheese!"

ollie & leighton were both wearing some of my "originals" and i wanted to get a few photos. we set out to do a little photo shoot during a commercial break of "phineas & ferb." with ollie you have to be fast and make it a game, "let's see how many photos we can take until phineas & ferb are back on!"
here is my favorite photo sequence...that boy is such a good big brother;)

and some black & whites...