Monday, December 29, 2008

merry christmas

the holidays have been fun. i love being able to hang out with family, eat yummy food and have lots of people to hand ollie off too:) oliver was super excited about all our presents under our little tree- he got extra curious to a couple of his aunt vanessa's and tore a few holes in them. but his favorite thing was all the boxes- who needs fancy toys:)

we spent christmas eve with jonathan's family- opened stockings & presents and then used one of our new gifts- a year pass to sea world and hung out with shamu:)
ollie was great the whole day. i don't think he really knew what to make of the whole thing, but he liked being outside with lots of things to look at. it was a little cold, but it didn't rain on us and there weren't very many people there, so it was great.

christmas day we spent with my family. my sister and brother-in-law flew down. it felt very christmasy to just be inside & cozy on a rainy christmas day. i don't remember the last time it was cold and rainy on christmas! it was a nice change. it is almost like we have seasons here in southern california:)

we were blessed with some awesome gifts and time with family. oliver got a bunch of new clothes- good thing too, because he is growing so fast!
i am thankful for his little bouncer/entertainer, because it provides me with a few extra minutes to myself:)
we have a few things we do every year and i always look forward to them. some of our traditions- if you can cal them that...stockings from santa filled with things like toothpaste, lotions and scrunchies....yes scrunchies! (note to santa- really if you are going to be stuck in the 80's at least give me a leotard and some leg warmers too:) cheese strata brunch with chips, salsa and guacamole, eating lots of see's candy and other treats my mom has received from kids at her school, looking through christmas cards and letters, staying in your pj's all day long, watching the laker game. (good thing they beat the celtics or christmas might not have been so merry in our house.)
we didn't get to go to church on christmas eve- which felt strange not to go, it was one thing i missed. it is always nice to take a moment to stop and remember the reason for the seasone and give thanks to jesus.

i hope everyone had a great holiday and got to enjoy some of their own traditions, or maybe make some new ones.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

a rainy day in san diego

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas...there is a slight chill in the air and it rained all day yesterday. i love it! there is nothing better than snuggling up on the couch with hot coco, tea or coffee, some sort of baked goods (white fudge covered oreos) and a good book...or in my case yesterday- an in-style magazine and a chick flick.
even though it is almost always sunny on christmas day, i am happy to get some "winter weather." i love watching all the "storm watch" stories on the news...especially when it is only sprinkling outside and the southern california news reporter is outside, decked out from head to toed in their rain gear, giving us up to the minute reports on the storm watch.

oliver enjoyed watching the rain too :)

Monday, December 8, 2008

holiday fun

well this time of year is full of fun and we have been busy. oliver is getting so big, it seems time is just flying by. some of our recent activites:

thanksgiving! we spent it with jonathans family. it was great to see so many people and enjoy yummy food. no turkey or pumpkin pie for oliver yet- maybe next year

oliver's 4 month check-up/shots where he weighed in at just over 18 pounds and 26 1/2 inches long!

more practice at sitting in his high chair and little seat

holiday fun with his cousins, trey & logan. they saw santa and real snow- san diego style, which means some slushy icy stuff in the parking lot, which melted within the hour:)

a swim in the pool

first spoonfuls of real food- well baby cereal. mostly he just pushed the spoon out, but he did manage to eat a couple spoonfuls.

we got our little mini christmas tree and decorated it. oliver likes the lights.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

ollie's shenanigans

well i am once again taking it upon myself to write my own blog. i have been up to a lot of things lately...
i voted in my first election. i was a big hit at the polls and everyone was excited to see me there. i felt like a VIP! i didn't have to stand in line or anything and starbucks gave us a free coffee afterwards! my mom tells me it is a historical year and for my mom to be somewhat interested in politics it must be pretty big. i hear obama won, though i am not sure if that is who i voted for- i am working on my reading skills. i thought i voted for the daily/colbert ticket, because they make my mommy laugh. either way- from what i gather it is going to be a tough job, so i have been praying for him. and i hear this is how his daughters got him to get a puppy. maybe i can try this on my dad...maybe not winning the white house, but maybe winning his fantasy football league...hmmm

in my other efforts to prove i am a superior baby, i have been trying to move things with my mind...i have been concentrating very hard, but so far no luck. i may be forced to try what normal babies do and crawl...i have made minimal efforts in this department, so far all i seem to do is go in circles...but i am getting pretty good at rolling over from my back to my tummy! i am also practicing sitting up, but i am still a bit wobbly:)

also, after having a little trouble reading my ballot, i have been working hard at this reading thing. it should come in handy soon as something called christmas is coming. apparently you get presents so i need to figure out what i want so i can make a list. that's me discovery toys r us!

we have also moved! i am trying to help mommy unpack and organize, but she doesn't seem to appreciate my help. it's not my fault if she doesn't understand my constant babbles and cries are just my way of telling her where to put my toys and books. so far i like this new place. it is a lot bigger and there is a pool and spa and playground! even a basketball court. i can't wait to try them out! we will be sure to post pictures up. mommy and me have been on a few walks around the complex and we've seen lots of lizards, and a few bunnies.
well that is it for me:) till next time...hope you enjoy the video...please excuse me, i passed gas in the middle of filming:)

fun with mommy

i decided there was a lack of photos of ollie and me, so (for my own vanity mostly) we did some self portraits a while ago...enjoy:)

Saturday, November 1, 2008


i love this time of year- the whole season leading into christmas. i love the brisk fall air (though i am still waiting for that), football season, all things pumpkin, caramel apple cider from starbucks, christmas music, decorated is even the only time of year i actually enjoy shopping, especially on a cool night with a hot chocolate, looking for gifts, listening to christmas music in every store...

it all seems to start with halloween. i always loved halloween as a kid. i love to dress up and everyone knows i love candy, so i looked forward to it every year. part of the fun was coming up with a costume and making it (or having mom make it)
i was so sad the year i went trick-or-treating and got a few "aren't you a little too old for this?" ever since then i looked forward to when i had kids of my own i could make costumes for and take around the neighborhood...then secretly eat all their candy:)

now i know i have a few years before i can take ollie out, but i still thought we could at least dress up. i didn't really want to buy anything so i tried to think of something i could make...i few ideas entered my mind, but i liked the phelps idea the best since it was a mom and son and it was the i took gold dolies and cut out the solid center, attached some red ribbon then taped it all to a onsies (to prevent ollie from just grabbing it and chewing it apart) i put a pair of goggles on him and presto...michael phelps. i thought i could be a his mom and drove by party city to see if i could get a wig...but i didn't ever make it in- the parking lot was packed with about 20 cars waring over spots. luckily i had seen martha make paper wigs on her show, so i took some black paper and presto- i was debbie. too bad i couldn't raid my mom's closet for some chicco's clothes, then my costume would have been complete:)

at night jonathan, ollie and i went to our friends, brett and katies, to carve pumpkins- jonathans first time! seriously? jill, paul, did he ever carve one as a kid? since i've know him, it's only me thats done it and he doesn't remember doing one as a kid...hard to believe. was a great day and i look forward to the rest of the holiday i am going to turn on my christmas music:)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

fun with cousins

this past week has been a busy week- but a very fun week! olivers cousins in texas flew in to meet him and we had a lot of fun together. saturday morning we had a party for oliver, so some of the family on jonathans side could meet him. then later that evening we celebrated madison's 13th birthday:)

the week was filled with activities from going to the pumpkin patch (which ollie wasn;t too impressed with) to me getting a makeover- compliments of my nieces madison and samantha. it was a great week! we are now relaxing in the quiet- jonathan and ollie are watching football:) oliver is wondering where all his cousins are- he misses the craziness already, but i like to think he liked spending time with just me today:)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

fun videos

here are some cute videos of oliver. we are having so much fun watching his little personality come out. he is "talking" a lot and started to laugh when tickled by daddy...that video has an extra special ending:)

the pictures of from his nap- he started his nap pondering the problems of the world, then...problem solved:)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

2 months

hello! ollie savs here! i am a little over 2 months and i am so big! i had my 2 month check up today and weighed in at 14 lbs! 23 1/2 inches long!

i also got my first round of immunizations. :( i tried to be brave and i think i did pretty well. the worst was the first one, which was this yucky tasting liquid, so i made a face and started to cry. mommy must have thought i looked funny, because she started to laugh at me. the nurse was really fast giving me the shots, so that part wasn't so bad and by the time we got to the car i was happy and fell asleep on the way home.

we are home now and so far i feel fine. and i got really cool bugs bunny band-aids. (you can kind of see them in the photo) i don't really know who bugs bunny is, but mom says he is a funny cartoon. too bad they didn't have la dodger band-aids:( that would have impressed my daddy:)

ps...if you think i look a little funny in the photo, mommy timed it perfectly- i was embarrassing. first the video, now a photo...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

ollie's first art project

this weekend my sister, vanessa, came down for a visit and we went up to my parents house in fallbrook. my mom had given me a kit to make plaster impressions of oliver's feet and hands. i decided to try and do the feet and save the hands for later, as oliver usually has his hands in a tight fist.

it was quite and adventure and oliver was good to humor us:) he got a bit upset because we had to wait a while for the plaster to set up- it was way too soft at first...

and we had to
make multiple attempts, as you can see our first try didn't go so well:)

it was a great weekend:) and oliver loved hanging out with his auntie v:)