Wednesday, January 26, 2011

one week

leighton & ollie- each at about 1 week



Tuesday, January 18, 2011

little leighton

well she is finally here! and we are loving having a little girl and watching ollie with his baby sister.
my due date was 1/11/11...but she missed that date. the dr said she didn't want to wait long to induce me, so she scheduled us for friday 1/14/11 at 6:45am. i was nervous about it and hoped i would go into labor naturally. thursday night came around and still nothing. so i went to bed and prayed that i would go into labor that night- specifically i prayed, "lord, it would be great if i go into labor tonight, like at 2am and then we wait a little and go in and then i don't have to be induced. further along in my prayer i said, "maybe not 2am..4am would be a little better, so i could get some more sleep"
be careful what you pray for because just about 2am (1:56am) i felt my first contraction and i thought to myself, "this feels like the real deal." sure enough 3 minutes later another one came along...they were about 30 seconds long so we waited a little while. watched a rerun of jimmy fallon and every time i laughed i thought the baby was going to come out, so i thought it was time to go...
at about 4am came the 40 minute ride to the hospital came and i felt every bump and turn! we got to the hospital and everyone was calm and taking their time...until the nurse checked me and said i was dilated to 8 already! and said we better get this show on the road if want epidural. then things really picked up and then about 2 hours and 5 pushes later she was born at 6:51am!!!! 6 minutes after we were scheduled to come in for my induction.
she was 8 pounds 3 oz and 20 3/4 inches long! big girl! i say it was all the yummy treats i ate over the holidays:)
it went perfectly! praise the lord for answered prayers...even if god didn't take my revised time into account:)

meeting my daughter
meeting daddy
she likes to stick her tongue out a lot
mommy, daddy and leighton
ollie meeting his sister. love that smile:)

Monday, January 17, 2011

she's here!

introducing leighton genevieve savona

born on 14th of january

more to come is busy with 2 kids:)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

on the run

i love this picture my sister took on our annual christmas day walk. it is how i spend most of my days:) always running after ollie or racing with him, trying to get him to follow me. here, i think we are playing "red light, green light" trying to get ollie to come back home:)

it's amazing this baby hasn't come yet with all the running and walking i do!


will today be her birthday....???

love you little savvy girl:) see you soon!

Friday, January 7, 2011


ollie will use "girl" and "boy" or "kids" for other children, but he often says, "daddy" and "mommy" instead of "man" or "woman." especially, if the man is young and wearing a suit and tie.
however, there have been a few times when he has seen the same person and said "daddy" nearly every time and seems to actually mean it. for example:

nate berkus- nearly everytime i watch his show, ollie at some point will look up and say, "daddy on the TB" (TB is ollie for TV)

ryan gosling- i watched the notebook once when it was on tv and ollie kept asking where daddy went when he wasn't in the scene. then today he was on ellen and ollie got excited and said, "DADDY! lookit, daddy!" and even as i was looking up a photo of him, ollie said, "look at all the daddy pictures..there's daddy and there's daddy and there's daddy..."

and my favorite- bert :)every time we would read "grover's guide to good manners" ollie would see bert and say, "daddy!" or is "is that daddy?" and nearly every time he saw him on sesame street he would say "daddy" too:)

i think jonathan is in pretty good company:)

and if you are wondering, he does do this with "mommy," as well. basically, every time he sees a lady with red hair:)

Monday, January 3, 2011


but really little savvy girl, anytime is fine with me. you don't need to wait one more week...nor do you need to be like your big brother and wait a whole extra week. i know it's getting cramped in there- my muscles and skin are stretched to their max. it is becoming more and more difficult for both of us to move around and when a piece of dry toast gives you heartburn- it's time! let's get this show on the road!