Tuesday, June 28, 2011

while i was working on this little number...

ollie was working on this one...

i think we are both equally proud of our own creations, but not particularly thrilled with each others.

Monday, June 27, 2011


we went to legoland and had a fun day. ollie only made it on a few rides- either he was too short or the lines were too long- he is rather impatient.

ollie driving his daddy on safari
ollie gave us this face when we told him to smile- it's the "ok, but i am hot, want to go play in the water and my lip is busted so this is the best i can do" smile

hey, look! i have my own steel company!

New York!

san francisco. where are vanessa, devin and hadley?
on the boats- ollie kept trying to drive. let me just say if you are ever on a boat with him, do not let him drive;)
since lines were long ollie was happy just to sit in this little car and "drive"...have you noticed he likes to drive. yes, he always asks to drive whenever we go someplace. 13 more years ollie.

driving the train. although he cried the entire time. he didn't like being by himself:(
ollie loved the aquarium. we named this guy ollie octopus.

"hey look he's waving at me!"shark swimming by
leighton had fun too- can't you tell:)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

lots to say....

lots to say and share, just not right now;) life has been busy with 2 little ones. look forward to some future posts about a trip to boston and other fun stuff...but for now i leave you with this.