Monday, February 23, 2009

busy baby

we have been busy trying to keep up with ollie. he has mastered crawling and i am afraid he is trying way too hard to walk. he especially likes to crawl to the window and look outside.
here are some recent activities we have done with oliver...
we took ollie to the park and he loved the swings and the slides. it will be fun to watch him play and run around. jonathan got excited for ollie to start sports after watching some of the little soccer and t-ball players.
oliver is a water baby and loves the bath and when we take him to the pool/spa.

he loves getting into the laundry when i am folding.

he has a good appetite, but doesn't like to sit still long enough to eat that much at a time.
"do i have something on my face?"
as for of my favorite activities is going to the movies. my favorite night of the year came last night- the oscars!! unfortunately, i haven't been to the movies a lot lately so i haven't seen too many of the nominated pictures. but my parents did babysit on valentine's day so jonathan and i went out to the movies. i picked the right one- we saw "slumdog millionaire" and it was the big winner last night. i thought it was much desereved, but like i said, i didn't see much of the other movies...
but most importantly i love, love, love awards season because i love all the pretty dresses and jewelry. i enjoyed watching the red carpet and seeing all the fancy dresses. it would be so fun, for one night, to get all dressed up and feel so fancy. i have been watching for as long as i can remember, i used to put on my "diamonds" and put my hair up and practice my acceptence speech in the mirror. i don't think i will ever get there considering i have nothing to do with anything related to film-making, but maybe i will make it as a guest, or in the fan-zone...a girl, who rarely gets out of her pj's, except to change into clean pj's after being spit up on, can still dream:)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


the video on the last blog apparently only sometimes works... it worked for me a little while ago, but won't now...who knows.
just check back periodically and it may work for you...eventually.

look out mom and dad!

hello world, it's oliver again!
a lot of events are going on in my life- i got my first tooth, i am eating big people food, i can clap, i am crawling and climbing all over everything. i am very curious and love being able to move around to explore. i have figured out where my basket of toys is and go over to it and pull out everything. who wants to nap when there is so much to see and learn and get into?

i have been pulling myself up on all the furniture. first it was just the sofa, but now i climb on the tv stand, the bookcase, even in my crib. i like to wrestle and climb all over daddy when he comes home from work. and i don't like to sit still, everyday i move a little more and a little faster. i like to keep my parents on their toes. mom is always watching me and telling me no- maybe that will be my first word. she tries to distract me with toys, but getting into things i am not supposed get into is so much more fun.

mom thought i wouldn't be so good at pulling myself up until i was about 9 months, but i proved her wrong. it helps that our couch is a little lower to the ground. and i can stay standing pretty good, when i pull myself up and hold on. i sometimes forget my balance isn't so good yet and let go, then fall down. but i am a tough boy- usually, i laugh, but sometimes i get scared and cry a little. our couch is my favorite thing to climb on. it is big with lots of pillows so i can fall an not get hurt. don't worry, mom watches me close to make sure i don't fall off. with all this movement and curiosity, she is worried i am going to be an early walker.

check out this video of me. i was trying to find the remote control (one of my favorite things). mom thought she hid it out of my sight, but she was wrong...

Monday, February 9, 2009

1050 scott street reunion

once a year in february jonathan's roommates from college and their wives get together for the weekend. we usually go to a cabin near big bear, but this year with 2 babies and one on the way, we stayed in san diego. we hope to keep the tradition going for years to come...

thank you to jeremy and sarah for flying in from seattle, and to cameron, megan and baby marissa for driving in from pheonix. there are 3 couples still in san diego. (brett & katie, jordan, michelle and their soon to be born son, and us)

we really enjoying hanging out, playing games, catching up and seeing our families grow! oliver loved having little marissa around. he turned on the charm for her, but i think she is palying hard to get.