Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ollie's first plane trip

a weekend in san francisco!

my mom and i went up to visit my sister for our annual girls weekend...and ollie got to tag along as an honorary guest:) i was a little unsure of how he would do on a plane, considering he doesn't like to be in one spot for too long, but he did great. there were some nice ladies across the aisle that kept talking to ollie and asking to hold him. he was unsure at first but he finally put his arms out and went over to them. it was fabulous, because they held him and entertained him for most of the flight.
we had a great time in the city and spending time together. we went to the zoo- ollie seemed to enjoy looking at all the people, as well as, all the animals. we took some photos by the golden gate bridge and enjoyed the nice weather. ollie did pretty well for his first time traveling- he was a little fussy, but it was a big weekend for him and his top teeth are coming in:(
he cried all the way to the airport- vanessa says it was because he didn't want to leave; i would agree. the plane ride back home went well too- no nice ladies to entertain him, so i had to hold him the whole time, but there was a nice family behind us that ollie played peek-a-boo with.

here are some photos of our journey...
watching the giraffes...there were some cute little baby giraffes too.

ollie getting a kick out of some kids playing

ollie liked to watch the little prairie dogs.

being silly...so fitting that vanessa is a butterfly and i am the spider:)

"i love san francisco!"

me, mom & ollie

ollie & me

ollie & vanessa

"no! i don't want to go home! don't make me!!!"

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

free cone day

today was free cone day at ben & jerry's. an event i attend each year:) i first attended it back in college with some friends. today i enjoyed my free cone with ollie...is it still free if you make a donation for more than the cone is worth...? last year, we lived a block away from seaport village, where ben & jerry's is located, and i walked over with ollie still in my belly- i got an extra big scoop:) it was funny to be there a year later, pushing ollie around in the stroller.
it was a warm, beautiful sunny day and we walked around the harbor. i used to walk around the harbor almost daily when still lived downtown. the last time we walked down there, ollie was probably about 3 months old. i look forward to many years of free cone day with ollie as he grows up.

here are some photos of the day:)

ollie really wanted some, but i told him he'd have to wait for next year

"mommy...i think you have ice cream in your teeth"

ollie watching all the people walk by

Friday, April 17, 2009

what do you do when you run out of things to do and feel like you need to express your creative side and have no money to go out and buy some sort of craft or art supplies?

enter in the wonderful technology of digital photography...it cost $0 to take a couple of pictures and upload them to the computer...so this is my artistic representation of what it looks like in our kitchen when i cook dinner...

notice i said artistic representation...i do not cook in heels:)

Monday, April 13, 2009

happy easter...ollie style

sunday was my first easter and i had a great weekend. i went to church saturday night and played with all the other babies in the nursery. sunday i spent the dad with mom and dad and both sets of grandparents! i was glad my cousins left some easter eggs they had dyed, so i could have had my first easter egg hunt. here are some photos my mom took...hope everyone had a great day.hmmm...no easter eggs here...

oh! i see some over there!

here i come!

almost there...

got it!!

and then i learned what happens when you try to eat a dyed easter egg...you end up with a blue mustache all day:)

Friday, April 3, 2009

the joys of motherhood

after a long hard day yesterday, where ollie was doing his imitation of the most annoying sound ever from "dumb & dumber," and whining all day long, i was praying for a better day today. and when i was playing with ollie after a snack of yobaby yogurt, i asked, "are you going to be good for mommy today?"...and my lovely child, perfectly on cue, gives me this response...

ah yes! spit-up in the face! some days i just love being a mom....or at least that's what i tell myself:)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

28 on the 28th

saturday was my "golden birthday" when i turned 28 on the 28th. jonathan, ollie and i celebrated by spending the day in palm springs.

we went to the miramonte resort & spa, where i was treated to a wonderful 60 minute massage, while jonathan and ollie hung out by the pool:) it felt so great just to relax. i could've spent the whole day in the spa. i joined jonathan and ollie soaked up some sun and splashed around in the pool for a few hours.

after some snacks, drinks and fun in the sun, we took a walk around the grounds of the resort and snapped a few photos before heading out to lunch. ollie was gettting a little restless, so we drove around very slowly for a little bit in order for ollie to get a good nap in.

we ate lunch at "tylers" and enjoyed some good burgers, fries and a vanilla shake. then headed to the aerial tramway for a trip up to the top of the mountain above palm springs. the weather was in the 80's down the mountain and supposedly it was around 48 on top of the mountain, but it felt more of about 65. and as you can see we were fine in shorts and short sleeves...although there was some snow for ollie to discover for the first time:) i love california and having the beach, palm trees and warm weather so close to the mountians, pine trees and snow!

we then drove back to my parents house where i unwrapped a present. and i was really excites to get a staple/nail gun! does that make me sound old that i was excited about that present?? i also got 28 mini snickers-yummmy and then we ate a ice cream cake from baskin robbins with my favorite flavor- gold medal ribbon, so i can't be too old to enjoy candy and ice cream:)
all in all it was a fun day!