Wednesday, June 25, 2008

baby shower

let me just start by saying jonathan and i are so fortunate to have such great and generous friends and family! we were truly blessed at our baby shower this last weekend.

it was a great time at my parents house out in fallbrook. and thank you to the person who invented air conditioning, because it was about 100 degrees outside!
we enjoyed seeing friends and family, eating yummy bbq, and sharing our excitement for the rapidly approaching arrival of our baby.

jonathan had fun testing out some of our new toys...

here are a couple more pics...thank you again to everyone who came! i have most things put away and organized and we are almost ready for baby!

Monday, June 9, 2008

another great weekend

while jonathan was off in cabo san lucas for work (tough job, huh?) i decided to have some fun of my own and went up to san fransisco with my mom to see my sister. (and for all you worry-warts, yes, it is safe for me to fly)

it was a great weekend and we even had sunny, warm weather! it was strange to not see jonathan for 5 days, especially after spending 24/7 with each other for 10 weeks and living in our 1 room studio, but it was good to have some girl time- shopping, pedicures, chick flicks.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

bigger each day

it seems my belly is expanding more and more each day. jonathan was in palm springs golfing all weekend and he swears my belly is bigger than when he left. with that said, i do actually feel pregnant- finally. it has been a blessing that i have felt great the whole time, but i am starting to feel the extra weight i am lugging around. especially when i think i can squeeze through a tight space and i realize this is one belly i can't suck in.
jonathan and i went to the beach sunday night and took some photos. he was my model for my portrait assignment in my photo class. i also had to play with night/light, which is what the other is from- i thought it was a fun twist on my belly pics. (now about 32 weeks)