Monday, August 4, 2008

my first week!

i am filling in for mommy and writing my own blog. she has done such a good job taking care of me, i thought i'd give her a break:)
today, i am one week old! and what a week it has been! we stayed a couple days in the hospital to take advantage of the extra help and i was a little stubborn and would not pee- so i made my parents wait around for that big event:) i experienced my first earthquake, the day after i was born and made my parents proud- i slept through it like a true native californian! we had a lot of visitors come see me in the hospital, which was nice. it made me feel so important!
it was good to finally get home and see where i am going to be living for a while. it is small, but big enough for the 3 of us. my crib is all set up by mommy and daddy's bed- it is comforting to know mommy is close by when i am sleeping so when i wake up hungry, my meal is right there:)

daddy went back to work thursday- i miss him when he is gone, because we have fun together- but mommy is fun to hang out with too.
the weekend was fun. i was glad to have daddy around- we slept in and watched a lot of sports on tv- mommy says daddy does that a lot.

i also got to see both sets of grand parents this weekend and meet my uncle devin! and i went out for my first walk with mommy and daddy saturday, then went out again on sunday. we walked around seaport village and the harbor- i like san diego, it seems like a nice place to live.

we received a few care packages in the mail from mommy and daddy's friends- it was fun to open presents and i got a lot of cool stuff- clothes, toys, etc! we feel so blessed and spoiled!

today, i had my first visit to my pediatrician. i did well for mommy, trying to get ready to take me...but i started to get a little hungry right before we had to leave:) we met daddy there and i had to show off my improved bladder skills to the doctor and peed all over daddy's nice work pants:) the doctor said i look good and my weight is almost up to my birth weight- mommy does a good job feeding me! speaking of food...i think it's time for a snack!

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Troy, Sarah and Lucy Sherman said...

congratulations quinn! awesome job for getting out of the house so quickly too! cant beat it...the weather is great! we can be blogging buddies too!