Sunday, September 21, 2008

ollie's first art project

this weekend my sister, vanessa, came down for a visit and we went up to my parents house in fallbrook. my mom had given me a kit to make plaster impressions of oliver's feet and hands. i decided to try and do the feet and save the hands for later, as oliver usually has his hands in a tight fist.

it was quite and adventure and oliver was good to humor us:) he got a bit upset because we had to wait a while for the plaster to set up- it was way too soft at first...

and we had to
make multiple attempts, as you can see our first try didn't go so well:)

it was a great weekend:) and oliver loved hanging out with his auntie v:)

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V.Poolwoman said...

And his auntie had a great weekend hanging out with him!