Friday, March 6, 2009

no one ever said i was graceful...

i have always been a bit of a klutz...i think it is partially genetic and you might too if you know my mom and sister (i love you guys.) i don't trip very often, but i always have bruises on my legs and arms from running into things and i tend to drop things a lot too. jonathan laughs almost every night while i make dinner because at some point i let out a gasp as i spill or drop something and make a mess. and he marvels at how i manage to run into the strangest things...multiple times.
most recently, i was doing my grocery shopping. it was a my greatest savings trip yet and i have been bragging how i saved $40. but i was also injured during the process by dropping a can of refined beans on my pinky toe, not once, but twice! then a few days later i was making dinner and dropped a knife on my other pinky toe! ouch!
and like i one ever said i was poor toes!

my right toes are looking better, the bruise isn't so bad. and my left little toe still hurts, but is getting better. the cut was pretty deep, probably could've used a stitch or too, but being a nurse and my father's daughter, i figured i'd be ok:) (love you dad)


Notes from the Holler said...

Oh, Quinn -- that makes my feet hurt just looking at that picture! :o)

V.Poolwoman said...

LOL- I am totally a big klutz and it is further magnified because Devin has cat-like reflexes. He calls me klootz all the time.