Tuesday, May 19, 2009

ollie update

i took ollie into the pediatrician today. as we waited, he clung to me a little unsure of the other little boy in the waiting room. he was about the same age as ollie. but as soon as he left, ollie jumped down and started playing with all the toys and kept crawling out the door into the hallway to check out all the people. then another boy came in, but this time it was a 3 year old. ollie stared for a while, then kept crawling over to the poor boy wanting to climb all over him.

then we were called back and it was time for the most traumatic part of every dr's visit- being weighed! ollie does not like this part at all. he does not like getting his clothes or diaper changed and then you expect him to lay still! he cried and squirmed and would hardly let go of me...so we only have an estimate of his height and weight: ~30 inches long and ~22 pounds, which now puts him in the 75 percentile.

so the worst was over...no shots this time, but he did have his little finger pricked for a blood sample. it's funny how upset he gets when we tried to weigh and measure him, but not even a flinch from the little buddy, when he got his finger pricked and he was pretty fascinated with the bandaid on his finger! and when the dr came in he crawled right to her and flirted away. she said ollie is doing well.

and for your enjoyment, here are some photos- his hair sometimes curls up after a bath...he really likes to chew on my lens cap.

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