Thursday, June 11, 2009

soccer stud

ollie's latest favorite toy is our little mini soccer ball. he loves to throw it, kick it, or just watch us play with it. all he wants to do all day long is hold my hand, so he can "walk" and kick the ball around.
the first video is attempt no. 1 to catch his hysterical laughter. he is upset because we paused to get the camera, then jonathan knocked over the camera and the laughter continues.
video number 2 shows more of his delight.

the basketball isn't quite as exciting. and in case you couldn't tell, once ollie notices the camera, it's all over:)

1 comment:

STEPH said...

I was just watching this video with both kids on my lap. ALL 3 of us jumped when your husband kicked the ball right at the funny!
Ollie and Wylie's laugh sound almost exactly the same...I love it! What a cute little chuckle!