Wednesday, April 14, 2010

washington DC

my mom, dad, sister, ollie & i went back east to dc and to introduce ollie to his great granny hilda! it was a quick trip, thursday-sunday, and ollie was sick:( but all things considered he did a great job traveling and it was a fun trip!

hello mr. president!
you can see ollie is not too thrilled, perhaps he is a republican.
almost asleep...
he finally passed out; too much excitement for him
he was not too happy when he woke up.

a burst of energy when he saw the water.more pep in his step after another dose of tylenolarlington national cemetery. there were signs everywhere that said, "silence and respect"...ollie did not read the signs:)

PART TWO: Meeting Great-Granny Hilda

ollie really looks like my mom in these photos:)

i am so glad we got to spend time with my mom's family. it was great to see them and introduce them to ollie:)
cleaning up the courtyard

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God Of Bacon said...

Obama turned out to be kinda boring. He needs a gimmick. Reagan chopped wood, Clinton went jogging. Bush Jr. said stupid but entertaining things.