Monday, July 11, 2011

make it work

in honor of project runway (which starts july 28th on lifetime- anyone else excited?!) ollie & i had our own little challenge. we went shopping in my scraps of fabric and had to come up with a design and make it before leighton woke up from her nap- so we had about 2 hours. ollie helped me pick out the fabric and which way the stripes went. he also likes to push the pedal of my sewing machine. here is our result. i think we made it work.


VPoolman said...

great work and nice labels!

rhonda1973 said...

Hi Quinn,
Mom and I think that you do awesome work and you already have your labels and everything so you should put your clothing in a boutique somewhere-you would probably make tons of money.
Aunt Julia & Cousin Rhonda