Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ollie's Christmas Program and a case of stage fright

today was ollie's Christmas program at preschool. the last time I went to his school (for the harvest party) he freaked out and cried and refused to partake in all the fun activities. so jonathan, leighton & I had set our expectations low.
the kids started to come into the chapel. ollie walked in holding the hands of one of the aids. he was looking very concerned, probably wondering why the chapel was filled with grown-ups, when it is normally empty. have I mentioned this kid does not deal with change or new things very well? the kids started singing and our fun-loving, enthusiastic Ollie, who has been singing all these songs at home, stood there like a statue, about ready to burst into tears. classic stage fright. little miss Leighton on the other hand started smiling and waving her hands and "singing" along. when it was over we gave him big hugs and he started to whine... Leighton seemed to cheer him up a bit and of course there's nothing a cookie can't cure. fun times were had by all.

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