Tuesday, May 13, 2008

jam packed weekend

we had a great weekend full of time with family, good food, and even some education!
over the past 2 saturdays we have had a childbirth prep class at the hospital. it was a fun thing to do together- a nice refresher for me and an eye-opening experience for jonathan. i feel fortunate that i had a whole semester in nursing school dedicated to the subject and spent a year and a half working with pregnant women and new moms as a public health nurse, so i feel fairly prepared. knowledge is power right? of course the minute that baby comes i know i will suddenly get a bad case of amnesia and forget it all and find myself wondering, "what do i do with this little alien?" :)
it was strange to be back in the hospital where i spent a semester doing my clinical rotation- it looked the same, smelled the same, felt the same...at least i didn't have to wear scubs!

my sister was also visiting for the weekend for mother's day. yay! we went up to fallbrook to hang out with the family. i got to enjoy a chocolate lava cake at the chart house, jonathan got to go golfing with his dad. it was like a little mini-vacation.

now back to reality- jonathan is back working hard. my job teaching art in the after school program ended so i have ample time to get ready for baby...not sure what to do with myself.
i am taking a photography class, which is really fun. my photo last night was voted best! which was fun, because i didn't think it was all that great. we were supposed to display motion, mine is of the carousel in seaport village...


Lindsey said...

You have the life! I just looked at your website of your travels around the world and was completely amazed! Awesome! Have fun with your photography class! I'm not surprised you were voted the best - you have such a gift with stuff like that! I'm sure your next photo shots will be babies!! There's good money there! Start making business cards! Love you tons and miss you much!

Notes from the Holler said...

Hey Quinn -- welcome to the blogosphere. :o) Look forward to keeping in touch with you guys and your new baby! Congratulations, btw!