Monday, May 19, 2008

2 months to go...

well just about 2 months until the arrival of our little dude, or dudette. i am doing well; feeling great, healthy and strong. i am going to the drs every 2 weeks now. they are short visits, i sometimes feel like i should have more concerns or questions, but i am counting my blessings. knock on wood- hopefully that will continue and the birth will go smoothly.
my only complaint comes with the weather- i dread heat waves. i seem to always be warm, and when it's 90-something degrees outside- i am melting and miserable. (mental note- next pregnancy plan majority of it to fall in winter) these are the latest pictures of me and my belly. cooking is getting a little more difficult, having to get used to standing farther out from the stove/counter/sink...if only i was a few inches taller.

not much else to write about- i am just enjoying my free time while i can. we had a great weekend. i spent friday night with my parents for my mom's birthday. i stayed with them overnight, because jonathan was getting up at 2:30am to go wait at torrey pines to play a round of golf before they close it to the public for the us open...i would call him crazy, but i seem to recall spending the night in the sports arena parking lot waiting to get tickets to nsync...hey i am not ashamed to admit it and second row seats are totally awesome. i am so ready for the new kids concert- no west coast dates yet though, anyone up a road trip? :)

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Rachel said...

You look amazing! Can't wait to see you guys.
NKOTB! Count me in. They were just at the Today show, I considered going...then I saw people waiting the night before.
I can't believe you only have 2 months, all I can say is sleep now :)
love you