Tuesday, June 3, 2008

bigger each day

it seems my belly is expanding more and more each day. jonathan was in palm springs golfing all weekend and he swears my belly is bigger than when he left. with that said, i do actually feel pregnant- finally. it has been a blessing that i have felt great the whole time, but i am starting to feel the extra weight i am lugging around. especially when i think i can squeeze through a tight space and i realize this is one belly i can't suck in.
jonathan and i went to the beach sunday night and took some photos. he was my model for my portrait assignment in my photo class. i also had to play with night/light, which is what the other is from- i thought it was a fun twist on my belly pics. (now about 32 weeks)

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V.Poolwoman said...

great pics! Leanne Reis, who did my wedding pictures, is now doing maternity and baby pictures. http://www.xanga.com/leannereisphotography. I reviewed her site to get some ideas and inspiration for photos for when my niece or nephew arrive. :)