Thursday, July 31, 2008

oliver walden savona

well a week overdue and he finally came! YAY!
it all started at about 11:57 pm on sunday. I woke up and my back was really hurting- which is not unusual for me- so i changed positions and it went i thought. about 5 minutes exactly it came back and lasted about as long (30 seconds or so)...and i thought to myself- hmmmm....and so then like clockwork 5 minutes later it cam again and again about 25-30 seconds...and i thought- here we go!
i laid in bed for a while trying to hold off telling jonathan so he could get some rest. but about 45 minutes later i noticed they were a bit stronger and longer, i could now feel them in my abdomen and my back and they were now about every 3 i woke jonathan up and we started getting ready. timing each one, packing last minute items...i wanted to hold off as long as i could and you are told to follow the 5-1-1 rule- when you have contractions every 5 minutes, lasting 1 full minute, for 1 full i was waiting for them to get longer and stronger, but they were just getting quicker, leaving me little time to recover. jonathan called the hospital and filled them in and we were told to come right in...being my stubborn self, i tried to put it off as long as i could, but i knew jonathan was getting nervous and so about 3:30am monday, we left for the hospital...
we got there and started the whole process and i was hoping to be well on my way- dilated to 8 centimeters already...but i was about 3 1/2... they sent us on our way to labor and delivery and a few hours later i was about 6 1/2...and a bit later my contractions were about every minute, but the pain in my back was constant, now leaving me no time to recover. since they came on so quick from the beginning, now at about 8 am i was pretty tired, not getting much rest between. i had some pain relief, but not much. we had spoken with the anesthesiologist when we first got there about getting an epidural or not- i have a crooked spine, so i was more worried something would go wrong with that, more than i was worried about the actual delivery...but he looked at m back and said it shouldn't be a problem and recommended it because i would feel a lot more pain in my back than most i finally gave in and asked for one...and boy oh boy- it was a world of difference. if you have a low pain tolerance, or your contractions come on quick and strong from the get go- i recommend it! it gave me a chance to rest and i was even in a cheerful mood...
i relaxed and hung out for another 3 hours and then all of a sudden i was fully dilated and we started to push with the nurse for about 20 minutes or so, i had just enough pain management to take away the sore back and sharp contractions, but could still feel some pressure and what i was doing...then she gave me a rest and we waited for about an hour for the doctor to get out surgery....the doctor came in, i did a couple sets of pushing and then all of a sudden, at 12:14 pm, i hear jonathan exclaim, "IT"S A BOY!!! WE HAVE A BOY!!" and then i saw him and he was so beautiful!
i know i am bias and you always think you baby is the best, but i really was impressed by how good he looked- no conehead, full head of hair, not even to slimy...he wasn't an alien baby after all, but the most beautiful baby boy...
now the issue of giving him a name came into play. we have an easier time narrowing our girl name options, because there were a few that we both really liked and stood out...but the boys names nothing really jumped out and grabbed either one of us. so after we held our new son, they took him to clean him up and do some treatments and jonathan went over to watch and said "this is definately an oliver"...we wanted to try and use a family name for the middle name, so we settled on walden- which is comes from my dad, grandpa and great grandpa. and so baby savs became oliver walden savona- or ollie wally :)
it was fun to make the big announcement to all our family that was there. my mom and sister, jonathan's parents, his sister and her daughter. it was great to see their excitement when they first met our new son:)
all in all, it was a quick labor and delivery 12 hours and about 30 minutes total pushing time. i have felt great in my recovery, too- just a little sore:)
it is still amazing to me to look at oliver and watch him twitches and kicks, recognizing the same movements he would do before he was born... he is my little oliver twitch. (he is rooting for twitch on "so you think you can dance")

we are loving adjusting to being parents and thrilled to have a handsome and healthy baby boy! but we are exhausted:) we feel so blessed and are thankful for everyone's thoughts and prayers.

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