Saturday, October 25, 2008

fun with cousins

this past week has been a busy week- but a very fun week! olivers cousins in texas flew in to meet him and we had a lot of fun together. saturday morning we had a party for oliver, so some of the family on jonathans side could meet him. then later that evening we celebrated madison's 13th birthday:)

the week was filled with activities from going to the pumpkin patch (which ollie wasn;t too impressed with) to me getting a makeover- compliments of my nieces madison and samantha. it was a great week! we are now relaxing in the quiet- jonathan and ollie are watching football:) oliver is wondering where all his cousins are- he misses the craziness already, but i like to think he liked spending time with just me today:)

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Notes from the Holler said...

Remember the "fun with cousins" we used to have? :o)