Saturday, November 1, 2008


i love this time of year- the whole season leading into christmas. i love the brisk fall air (though i am still waiting for that), football season, all things pumpkin, caramel apple cider from starbucks, christmas music, decorated is even the only time of year i actually enjoy shopping, especially on a cool night with a hot chocolate, looking for gifts, listening to christmas music in every store...

it all seems to start with halloween. i always loved halloween as a kid. i love to dress up and everyone knows i love candy, so i looked forward to it every year. part of the fun was coming up with a costume and making it (or having mom make it)
i was so sad the year i went trick-or-treating and got a few "aren't you a little too old for this?" ever since then i looked forward to when i had kids of my own i could make costumes for and take around the neighborhood...then secretly eat all their candy:)

now i know i have a few years before i can take ollie out, but i still thought we could at least dress up. i didn't really want to buy anything so i tried to think of something i could make...i few ideas entered my mind, but i liked the phelps idea the best since it was a mom and son and it was the i took gold dolies and cut out the solid center, attached some red ribbon then taped it all to a onsies (to prevent ollie from just grabbing it and chewing it apart) i put a pair of goggles on him and presto...michael phelps. i thought i could be a his mom and drove by party city to see if i could get a wig...but i didn't ever make it in- the parking lot was packed with about 20 cars waring over spots. luckily i had seen martha make paper wigs on her show, so i took some black paper and presto- i was debbie. too bad i couldn't raid my mom's closet for some chicco's clothes, then my costume would have been complete:)

at night jonathan, ollie and i went to our friends, brett and katies, to carve pumpkins- jonathans first time! seriously? jill, paul, did he ever carve one as a kid? since i've know him, it's only me thats done it and he doesn't remember doing one as a kid...hard to believe. was a great day and i look forward to the rest of the holiday i am going to turn on my christmas music:)

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sarah said...

Oliver looks so much cuter than Michael Phelps. Jeremy and I look at your blog all of the time and finally I set up an account.