Monday, December 29, 2008

merry christmas

the holidays have been fun. i love being able to hang out with family, eat yummy food and have lots of people to hand ollie off too:) oliver was super excited about all our presents under our little tree- he got extra curious to a couple of his aunt vanessa's and tore a few holes in them. but his favorite thing was all the boxes- who needs fancy toys:)

we spent christmas eve with jonathan's family- opened stockings & presents and then used one of our new gifts- a year pass to sea world and hung out with shamu:)
ollie was great the whole day. i don't think he really knew what to make of the whole thing, but he liked being outside with lots of things to look at. it was a little cold, but it didn't rain on us and there weren't very many people there, so it was great.

christmas day we spent with my family. my sister and brother-in-law flew down. it felt very christmasy to just be inside & cozy on a rainy christmas day. i don't remember the last time it was cold and rainy on christmas! it was a nice change. it is almost like we have seasons here in southern california:)

we were blessed with some awesome gifts and time with family. oliver got a bunch of new clothes- good thing too, because he is growing so fast!
i am thankful for his little bouncer/entertainer, because it provides me with a few extra minutes to myself:)
we have a few things we do every year and i always look forward to them. some of our traditions- if you can cal them that...stockings from santa filled with things like toothpaste, lotions and scrunchies....yes scrunchies! (note to santa- really if you are going to be stuck in the 80's at least give me a leotard and some leg warmers too:) cheese strata brunch with chips, salsa and guacamole, eating lots of see's candy and other treats my mom has received from kids at her school, looking through christmas cards and letters, staying in your pj's all day long, watching the laker game. (good thing they beat the celtics or christmas might not have been so merry in our house.)
we didn't get to go to church on christmas eve- which felt strange not to go, it was one thing i missed. it is always nice to take a moment to stop and remember the reason for the seasone and give thanks to jesus.

i hope everyone had a great holiday and got to enjoy some of their own traditions, or maybe make some new ones.


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santa says - i get the hint!