Monday, December 8, 2008

holiday fun

well this time of year is full of fun and we have been busy. oliver is getting so big, it seems time is just flying by. some of our recent activites:

thanksgiving! we spent it with jonathans family. it was great to see so many people and enjoy yummy food. no turkey or pumpkin pie for oliver yet- maybe next year

oliver's 4 month check-up/shots where he weighed in at just over 18 pounds and 26 1/2 inches long!

more practice at sitting in his high chair and little seat

holiday fun with his cousins, trey & logan. they saw santa and real snow- san diego style, which means some slushy icy stuff in the parking lot, which melted within the hour:)

a swim in the pool

first spoonfuls of real food- well baby cereal. mostly he just pushed the spoon out, but he did manage to eat a couple spoonfuls.

we got our little mini christmas tree and decorated it. oliver likes the lights.

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