Monday, August 31, 2009

the ever-evolving, elusive nap

ollie's naps have been unpredictable and unconventional from the very beginning. i tried to keep him on some kind of schedule where he takes a nap around the same time each day- give or take and hour. and if you are one of those parents who can mange to get their kids to eat and sleep at the same time each day, i don't know how you do it! i am impressed!

somedays, like today, he just seems to be an endless ball of energy. i don't know why i even attempt to put him down for a nap on days like today, because he is not fussy until i try to stop him from playing and then he gets mad and i mean mad! he has quite a little temper and stubborn streak. i don't know where it comes from:) i figure if he is playing well and happy, why force it?

after a few hours of trying to get him to calm down and sleep, i let him be and he pleasantly played with his toys and books...then around 3:30, ollie was laying on the floor playing with one of his cars and i notice it got quiet...i look over and this is what i saw:

ollie sleeping, car still in hand.

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