Wednesday, August 26, 2009

ollie's favorite things to say and do


botty or bottu = bottle, or water
tsss = toes
shss = shoes
dada = dada:)
he is a really good mimic and it often sounds like he repeats a word if you say it to him, but those 4 words are the ones he is pretty consistent on, especially "bottu" he will ask you for it!

favorite things:
being outside, running, playing with his cousins, watching planes, helicopters or anything flying in the air, cars/trucks, his soccer ball, books, and golf clubs, taking all his toys/books and everything out of our kitchen cabinets, flushing the toilet, swimming...i could go on. can you tell he is one active 1 year old:)

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The Lady of the Holler said...

Have I said this before? He's such a cutie! :o)