Friday, January 7, 2011


ollie will use "girl" and "boy" or "kids" for other children, but he often says, "daddy" and "mommy" instead of "man" or "woman." especially, if the man is young and wearing a suit and tie.
however, there have been a few times when he has seen the same person and said "daddy" nearly every time and seems to actually mean it. for example:

nate berkus- nearly everytime i watch his show, ollie at some point will look up and say, "daddy on the TB" (TB is ollie for TV)

ryan gosling- i watched the notebook once when it was on tv and ollie kept asking where daddy went when he wasn't in the scene. then today he was on ellen and ollie got excited and said, "DADDY! lookit, daddy!" and even as i was looking up a photo of him, ollie said, "look at all the daddy pictures..there's daddy and there's daddy and there's daddy..."

and my favorite- bert :)every time we would read "grover's guide to good manners" ollie would see bert and say, "daddy!" or is "is that daddy?" and nearly every time he saw him on sesame street he would say "daddy" too:)

i think jonathan is in pretty good company:)

and if you are wondering, he does do this with "mommy," as well. basically, every time he sees a lady with red hair:)

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