Thursday, November 13, 2008

ollie's shenanigans

well i am once again taking it upon myself to write my own blog. i have been up to a lot of things lately...
i voted in my first election. i was a big hit at the polls and everyone was excited to see me there. i felt like a VIP! i didn't have to stand in line or anything and starbucks gave us a free coffee afterwards! my mom tells me it is a historical year and for my mom to be somewhat interested in politics it must be pretty big. i hear obama won, though i am not sure if that is who i voted for- i am working on my reading skills. i thought i voted for the daily/colbert ticket, because they make my mommy laugh. either way- from what i gather it is going to be a tough job, so i have been praying for him. and i hear this is how his daughters got him to get a puppy. maybe i can try this on my dad...maybe not winning the white house, but maybe winning his fantasy football league...hmmm

in my other efforts to prove i am a superior baby, i have been trying to move things with my mind...i have been concentrating very hard, but so far no luck. i may be forced to try what normal babies do and crawl...i have made minimal efforts in this department, so far all i seem to do is go in circles...but i am getting pretty good at rolling over from my back to my tummy! i am also practicing sitting up, but i am still a bit wobbly:)

also, after having a little trouble reading my ballot, i have been working hard at this reading thing. it should come in handy soon as something called christmas is coming. apparently you get presents so i need to figure out what i want so i can make a list. that's me discovery toys r us!

we have also moved! i am trying to help mommy unpack and organize, but she doesn't seem to appreciate my help. it's not my fault if she doesn't understand my constant babbles and cries are just my way of telling her where to put my toys and books. so far i like this new place. it is a lot bigger and there is a pool and spa and playground! even a basketball court. i can't wait to try them out! we will be sure to post pictures up. mommy and me have been on a few walks around the complex and we've seen lots of lizards, and a few bunnies.
well that is it for me:) till next time...hope you enjoy the video...please excuse me, i passed gas in the middle of filming:)

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Rachel said...

we are not that far away, why do I feel like he is getting bigger already...
we need to kiss those cheeks!