Friday, April 3, 2009

the joys of motherhood

after a long hard day yesterday, where ollie was doing his imitation of the most annoying sound ever from "dumb & dumber," and whining all day long, i was praying for a better day today. and when i was playing with ollie after a snack of yobaby yogurt, i asked, "are you going to be good for mommy today?"...and my lovely child, perfectly on cue, gives me this response...

ah yes! spit-up in the face! some days i just love being a mom....or at least that's what i tell myself:)

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STEPH said...

Hey Quinn! I couldn't help but laugh when I saw your picture...especially since it was just yesterday that Wylie drooled right in my mouth while I was holding him up over my head (I'd much rather have drool than spit-up though!)
Oliver is adorable! When exactly was he born? I think he and Wylie are about the same age.