Tuesday, April 21, 2009

free cone day

today was free cone day at ben & jerry's. an event i attend each year:) i first attended it back in college with some friends. today i enjoyed my free cone with ollie...is it still free if you make a donation for more than the cone is worth...? last year, we lived a block away from seaport village, where ben & jerry's is located, and i walked over with ollie still in my belly- i got an extra big scoop:) it was funny to be there a year later, pushing ollie around in the stroller.
it was a warm, beautiful sunny day and we walked around the harbor. i used to walk around the harbor almost daily when still lived downtown. the last time we walked down there, ollie was probably about 3 months old. i look forward to many years of free cone day with ollie as he grows up.

here are some photos of the day:)

ollie really wanted some, but i told him he'd have to wait for next year

"mommy...i think you have ice cream in your teeth"

ollie watching all the people walk by

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