Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ollie's first plane trip

a weekend in san francisco!

my mom and i went up to visit my sister for our annual girls weekend...and ollie got to tag along as an honorary guest:) i was a little unsure of how he would do on a plane, considering he doesn't like to be in one spot for too long, but he did great. there were some nice ladies across the aisle that kept talking to ollie and asking to hold him. he was unsure at first but he finally put his arms out and went over to them. it was fabulous, because they held him and entertained him for most of the flight.
we had a great time in the city and spending time together. we went to the zoo- ollie seemed to enjoy looking at all the people, as well as, all the animals. we took some photos by the golden gate bridge and enjoyed the nice weather. ollie did pretty well for his first time traveling- he was a little fussy, but it was a big weekend for him and his top teeth are coming in:(
he cried all the way to the airport- vanessa says it was because he didn't want to leave; i would agree. the plane ride back home went well too- no nice ladies to entertain him, so i had to hold him the whole time, but there was a nice family behind us that ollie played peek-a-boo with.

here are some photos of our journey...
watching the giraffes...there were some cute little baby giraffes too.

ollie getting a kick out of some kids playing

ollie liked to watch the little prairie dogs.

being silly...so fitting that vanessa is a butterfly and i am the spider:)

"i love san francisco!"

me, mom & ollie

ollie & me

ollie & vanessa

"no! i don't want to go home! don't make me!!!"

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