Thursday, July 2, 2009

father's day- part 2

hi! ollie here, filling in for mom. since we were in texas for father's day, me & mommy gave daddy his gifts a little later, on friday night following father's day.
i got daddy a griddle to fix me pancake breakfasts (thanks for the idea ivs!) and of course the token father's day tie! i also made him a card with my handprint, a tradition my mom hopes to carry on. and a case of IBC root beer, which stands for, "Incredible BeCause" and we put tags on each bottle with reasons why daddy is "incredible" i can't take credit for this idea...i saw it on another blog.

we then spent the weekend with my aunti v and my grandparents and had a great time playing i think i began to master this walking walking thing. i have been able to take a few steps here and there, but it was really the first day where i was able to walk across a room:) i am getting better and better with each day.

my daddy watching the soccer match

i like to look out the window.

thanks for helping me walk, auntie v!

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