Thursday, July 30, 2009

my very first birthday!

i had my first birthday! i woke up pretty excited. as i drank my milk while watching sesame street i wondered what one does on a birthday...i dunno about you, but here is what i did:
my grammy came down with some presents! i was excited to open them:)

what is it???

golf clubs!

look out tiger!
then daddy came home early from work and we went to target to pick out a new many to choose from
ooo..that one please!
i like this big red ball
mommy got me a cupcake, but i did not want it
the next day i decided to give the cupcake a try...and only had a couple bites because someone (mom) kept nibbling at it all day!

i'd say it was a pretty fun day...except for the part where i went to the DR and got a bunch of shots, but i won't mention that part.
can't wait for my party this weekend!

1 comment:

STEPH said...

Happy birthday Ollie!
I love the cupcake picture with him crying...too sweet! Have a fun bday party! Can't wait to see pics.