Monday, July 7, 2008

4 years later...

july 3rd marked our 4 year anniversary! we love that our anniversary is the day before the 4th of july because we will always have that day off to spend together. we had a great 3 day weekend! we went out to dinner, took a walk around the harbor, went to the beach and just relaxed and were couch potatoes in front of the tv.

to celebrate our 4 years of marriage, we went out to a nice dinner at "whisknladle" in la jolla. it is a great restaurant and i highly recommend it. the food was so yummy- they try and use only local and organic food so the menu changes with what they can get and they make as much of it on-site as they can- so bread and ice cream and almost everything else is made right there. yum!

after 4 years of marriage and almost 6 years of being together we've graduate college and struggled to find the right jobs (verdict is still out on that one for me). we have lived in 3 apartments- one next to some potheads, one that spoiled us with a washer and dryer, and our current little one-room studio, which after living out of backpacks and in tiny hotel and hostel rooms, seems large to us. we've been to las vegas, palm springs, santa barbara, san francisco and northern california, big bear- where jonathan taught me to ski, houston, new orleans, new york (upstate and nyc), north carolina, kauai and maui and around the world in 10 weeks! sometimes its hard to believe that after all that we are about to add another person into the mix!

in someways the time has flown by, but other times it seems like we've been together forever. :)

neither one of us is perfect, but we have a lot of fun together and work at our relationship with each other and with the lord- we pray that will provide a strong foundation to build our family on and the we can set a good example to our kids, just as our parents have done for us. we are both thrilled to welcome our son, or daughter into the world- which could be any day now- and look forward to the next chapter of our life together. we have seen people get by with much less and feel fortunate and blessed with all we have! we hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!

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