Tuesday, July 1, 2008

8 is enough

so i am thinking that 8 months of pregnancy is the perfect amount of time...i suddenly feel like the last 9 months of being pregnant just hit me like a truck...
the warm weather, the fact that our apartment has no air flow and our ac doesn't really had cold air coming out of it don't exactly help. every night it seems the heat from the entire day has a cumulative effect and it feels like its a 100 degrees and i feel it mostly in my hands and feet...so strange. and my hips now feel like they are being pulled in opposite directions, which is a good thing- making room i suppose. all things i can cope with by drinking icy cold water, stretching and yoga...poor jonathan has been very patient with me.
don't get me wrong- i am still feeling good and i am thankful because it could be a lot worse, but i will be happy when this baby comes...now if we could only manage to get around to getting a car seat and finishing setting up our place...i am just too hot to want to drive and face the even warmer weather off the coast....maybe i could go for an nice air conditioned movie theater and a jamba juice (or ice cream) though... :)
in other news...the photo is us on balboa island last weekend. we spent the day up in the oc and the weather was great...warm, but a nice ocean breeze kept me cool enough. i do love the beach! we went to my friend quynh's house warming party in huntington beach...i used to work with her and it was weird working with someone who has the same name...then at her party there was another quynh! 3 of us in one place...so odd

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