Monday, January 2, 2012

christmas: part 2

christmas morning the four of us celebrated our own little family christmas with a few presents and stocking stuffers. poor leighton really only got a book. but she was unexpectedly really excited about it. it was so cute. she probably only would have been happier if it was food. (she is always hungry, yet still so small...lucky girl)

ollie is not a morning person, so waking up was difficult. he had no interest in his presents or getting up. so like any good parent we started without him;) he decided to join us- eventually.

"what's in my stocking?"Posted by Picasa

"a toothbrush?!?" he was actually excited because it was a "buzzing" one

ok, maybe leighton was a little sad she only got a book...she was jealous of ollie's cars;)

stay tuned for part 3! yes there's more.... :)

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