Friday, January 13, 2012

one silly goose

somewhere along the line, Leighton acquired the nickname, goose. and she truly is a silly goose. in honor of her 1st birthday on saturday, here are some of my favorite photos.

always sticking her tongue out

"hey guys! i'm up!"

"do i have something on my face?"

"what's going on? i can't see over this table!"

we called this, her lady gaga phase.

so smiley;)

"just keep swimming, just keep swimming."


"christmas!!!! i love my antlers!!!"

enjoying some yoga

girl loves her accessories

again...loving some bedazzled button accessories.

seriously...she has a flair for accessorizing

her favorite spot

"it's like i'm on stage!!"

really...she does this daily.

 we love you goosey!

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tonio and lindsey petrignani said...

i love your blog quinn ! it always makes me smile - your family is precious love linz