Tuesday, January 24, 2012

leighton's 1st birthday

1 years old! wahoo! we had a fun day with family celebrating our little girl. it has been an adjustment being home with 2 rambunctious little ones and i am learning more and more everyday...and drinking more and more. drinking coffee that is, what did you think i meant?! ;)

the birthday girl with her daddy

we started the day with some football outside

then we went to papa and nanny's house (jonathan's parents) where leighton looked for something pretty to put on.

time for presents!!!

helping hands from eager cousins

ollie opened most of her gifts:) 
can you see how sweaty he is and his rosy cheeks? he loves running around with his cousins.

oooh, a purse and some accessories! her favorite!

hmm... i think i need a few more necklaces
that's better

showing off her look
the aftermath
cake time:)
we sang happy birthday. even ollie, who has always cried during this song and yelled at everyone to stop singing, even when it wasn't his birthday. he told us he would go in the other room when we sang to leighton, but i guess the desire for a cupcake overtook his dislike of "happy birthday."

i think she ate the whole thing in about 30 seconds:) think she liked it?

happy birthday leighton!!! we love you!!!
"...hey wait are those my new necklaces?!?!"

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