Tuesday, January 3, 2012

christmas: part 3

yes, we were on christmas overload...but is there really such a thing? i think not. i love christmas:) this year was the year for christmas with jonathan's side of the family. so that means fun times for the 9 grandkids!!! 

here we all are at church for christmas eve!

it was great to get to see everyone and spend a week watching ollie & leighton enjoy running around with their cousins.

some of the boys.
the girls.

trey & leighton

eagerly awaiting for present opening

logan & ollie love their cars

ollie tends to open one gift and play with it...you have to remind him to open the rest:)
helping papa open his present

helping leighton open her present

"i don't need help. i got this one guys."

leighton, me and tessa;)

ollie refused to be in our picture. he gets so stubborn sometimes...i wonder where he gets that from

it was a very merry christmas indeed! we are truly blessed to have been able to celebrate with both our families and enjoy the holiday season.

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